6 top coffee Bars to try in Rome

6 top coffee Bars to try in Rome

Italy is famous for its coffee culture and Rome is one of Italian cities where you can enjoy some of the best in the world, as in the bars that we recommend:


Antico Caffè Greco
Via Condotti, 86 – Roma

The Caffè Greco, located in city center, the oldest bar of the capital, was founded in 1760 and worth it take a coffee here at least once if you are visiting Rome.
The lounge inside is refined and elegant and you can breathe the history that passed through this place between politics, social life and art and the important personalities who attended to the Caffè Greco’s life over the years such as Massimo D’Azeglio, Buffalo Bill, Giacomo Casanova, Stendhal.
You can be served at the table of the lounge and breathe the perfume of the history of this place, or simply take a coffee at the bar.
It isn’t an economic place, especially if you choose to be served in one of the tables in the historic room, but really worth it spend a little more money here.


Caffè di Sant’Eustacchio
Piazza di Sant’Eustachio, 82, Roma

Sant’Eustacchio, born in ‘800 in the historic Palazzo Cenci, known by all romans, is one of the best coffee bar in Rome and is ranked among the 70 best historic shops of the city.
The secret of coffee of Sant’Eustachio, jealously guarded, is the blend, made with coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and the machineries designed to enhance the flavor and its characteristics.
Here it’s possible to enjoy a coffee in one of the most beautiful squares of Rome near the Pantheon
We suggest to take the “Gran Caffè” served in a large cup, a real speciality with a unique taste and creamy.


La Tazza d’oro
Via degli Orfani, 84, 00186 Roma

Located in front of the Pantheon, “La Tazza d’oro” is one of the most famous bars in Rome and is always crowded with tourists and locals, but the patience to do a long line is then rewarded with a great coffee. One of the specialties of  “La Tazza d’oro” is also the iced “Granita of coffee” with double cream as well as a cappuccino or the “monachella”, coffee with cream in a large cup.


via Fabio Massimo, 80/a – Roma

Near the Vatican, there is the coffee Bar Sciascia, founded in 1919, a landmark in the Prati neighborhood attended by professionals and high Roman bourgeoisie.
The excellent coffee is served in ceramic cups with special ornaments, the service is professional and very friendly and their specialty is the coffee stained with dark chocolate.
On 2005 Sciascia won the title of best cappuccino in Italy.
Sciascia is a Bar of the past, still in his era and has retained its connotation and historic atmosphere, such as the Antico Caffè Greco.


Stravinskij Bar
Presso Hotel De Russie – Via del Babbuino, 9 – Roma

Inside the Hotel de Russie, one of the most chic and elegant in Rome, there is the Stravinsky Bar, one of the most magical places in the capital, located in a beautiful Italian garden on the slopes of the Pincio, open to all and not only for hotel guests. Enjoy a delicious coffee or cappucino inside the garden of Stravinsky Bar is an experience definitely expensive but also unique in a relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Rome. If your budget is enough this is a “must” not to be missed.


Gran Caffè – La Caffettiera
Piazza di Pietra, 65, Roma

In the historic center, in Piazza di Pietra, there is the “Gran Caffè – La Caffettiera” that is similar to the best bars in Naples, another capital of the coffee
The local is typical and elegant, and the coffee is in fact always served with a glass of water, as well as in the Neapolitan tradition.
Also delicious are the croissants and Neapolitan desserts, as the famous “Pastiera” and “Sfogliatella”.

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