The most beautiful beaches in Lazio, not so far from Rome

The most beautiful beaches in Lazio, not so far from Rome

If you are looking not only for fun and sun, but also for beaches with breathtaking details and the beautiful sea here it is a selection of the most beautiful beaches of Lazio:



Palmarola, considered by many as a paradise on the outskirts of Rome, is part of the Pontine Islands, but it is the most beautiful with a crystal clear sea and many coves, each offering always a different view. To fully enjoy the unique beauty of Palmarola it’s advisable to rent a boat.


Chiaia di Luna

Chiaia di Luna, Ponza, this beautiful beach is accessible by sea or by land through a tunnel built in the Romanesque period leading on the road.
The beach is distinguished by its imposing cliffs over 100 meters high.
Chiaia di Luna once housed a greek port of which, however, no trace remains, while, at the top of the beach, there is still a Roman necropolis; this makes it even more impressive and this landscape unique.
The beach is lapped by turquoise , transparent and crystal clear waters and has a sandy bottom ideal for swimming and swimming.


Promontorio del Circeo

The Circeo promontory surrounded by the largest lowland forest in Italy: a stretch of Mediterranean coastal dune with its crescent-shaped, the most beautiful of Lazio and 200 meters wide in some places, up to 30 meters high with ravines and caves among which the most beautiful is Grotta delle Capre.


Spiaggia di Sabaudia

Sabaudia, wide beach with very clean sea bordered by coastal dunes overlooking the Promontory of Circeo with Torre Paola ruined. The private beaches are located right next to the tower and halfway towards Sabaudia, but there are also stretches of free beaches. At the north of Sabaudia, where the coast road stops, along the paths through the dunes, after four hundred meters it’s possible to reach to the beach of “Bufalara” , very characteristic and never crowded even in the middle of August.



Sperlonga, in addition to the beautiful sea and beach also has its small town that is very characteristic.
Sperlonga is often included in the “Blue Flags” that certify the quality of the sea and beaches, as is also confirmed in 2015. Most of the beaches of Sperlonga are private and so you have to pay to access it.
Sperlonga is a delightful town, with narrow streets that climb the hill from the sea. At the center is all the liveliness of a popular village to the sea.


Spiaggia dei 300 gradini o dell’Arenauta

Beach of 300 steps, between Gaeta and Formia, named also Spiaggia dell’Arenauta,  there is this gem, one of the most beautiful beaches of the coast of Lazio with clean crystal waters and fine white beach. To reach it, you have to go down 300 steps at the end of which awaits the beach, clear water and usually not too many people.

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