Carnival 2016 in Rome and in its surroundings

Carnival 2016 in Rome and in its surroundings

The carnival was born in Rome and always masks had an important role in Roman culture, such as Rugantino or Meo Patacca depicting caricatures, vices and virtues of the ancient popular society.
Also this year from January 31 until February 9, masks, disguises and celebrations will be at the center of Rome to revive in modern ones the Carnival celebrations in Rome of the past.
In fact, for more than a week, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna, Via del Corso and Piazza Navona will become open-air theater with characters, with original costumes and with the inevitable and famous masks of Arlecchino, Colombina and Pulcinella.
Do not miss the Historical Parade in mask in Via Tiburtina, which will have as lady patroness the famous Roman actress Sabrina Ferilli and that will develop into a path of 1.5 km, and will consist of a “Historical Parade”, a number of “Masked Groups “and” floats “; everything will move on a virtual stage of 30,000 square meters. on which you can be both actors and spectators.

Anyway, the celebration of the most famous Carnival is held near Rome, with the famous carnival of Ronciglione.
The program is held throughout the period of the Carnival, from January 31 to 9 February 2016, but the most important days are those ranging from Thursday before Lent to the last day of the Carnival.
The Carnival Thursday is the day dedicated to the first “Ride of the Hussars” and on Saturday and that of “Corse a vuoto”, 18 horses of 9 different “stables” (districts), challenge each other to race divided into 3 batteries, only those who will come on the podium will have access to the final of the “Shrove Tuesdayod,the last day of Carnival”. The horses compete without being mounted by any rider.

Sunday takes place instead the “Corso di Gala”, parade through the streets floats prepared by master artisans of the city, accompanied by masks and marching bands.

On Monday the different fraternities offer food and wine to the citizens and visitors (macaroni, polenta, beans and chocolate, served with wine) and then on Shrove Tuesday is the last day of the Carnival, with the finals of the “Corse a vuoto” and the awarding of the winning team, which will receive in the hall of the City Council the “palio” as symbol of victory and power conquered.
The “Fellowship of Reconciliation”, therefore, captures the “King of Carnival”, which will be kicked out of the city linking it to a balloon, from which flight will be the auspices of the agricultural season.
The evening takes place on “Veglionissimo”, the farewell party at the “Carnival King”, with music, wine and dancing in mask.

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