A “Cool” summer day in Rome

A “Cool” summer day in Rome

Are you on holiday in Rome and want to spend a day of fun in trendy places?
So let’s start the day with a hearty and tasty breakfast at the Cafe Portofino in Via Cola di Rienzo 116, not far from St. Peter’s, a landmark in the heart of the central Prati.
In the summer breakfast of this famous Bar does not miss the cold coffee, a glass of fresh milk macchiato, cold or warm cappucino and for lovers of strong flavors, coffee with the addition of fresh cream and chocolate, accompanied by handmade freshly made croissants filled with jam, chocolate, cream or berries.
But there is also a large assortment of fresh fruits used for juices including pomegranate juice with particular unique taste and rich of vitamins!

And at this point, after a full of energy to face the day we head into one of the trendies tand organized beach club the Roman coast, the Singita Miracle Beach, Via Silvi Marina at Fishermen’s Village in Fregene.

Singita is an oasis of relaxation and entertainment, open from morning, comes alive in the evening at sunset when an Indian dressed in white gong to greet the day past and welcome the night. During the ritual the deck are replaced with white towels on the beach with tables and cushions and the restaurant offers an aperitif with cocktails and buffet (pizza, pasta, rice).
During the day the beach is alive with shows, music and a boutique.
In August and on weekends it is advisable to book.

If you want to continue the evening and night at the disco, for lovers of Caribbean music and Latin American there is is the Pinar Club Ladispoli in Via Aurelia Km 37,300, local cult of the coast north of Rome.
Otherwise, you can veer off at Ostia Openbar by Altamarea in Lungomare Lutazio Catulo 6b that is an institution when it comes to nightlife at Ostia, Cocktails, all kinds of dance music outside or inside.

As a further alternative, returning to Rome there is the Monk Club in Via Giuseppe Mirri 35 with Kino Summer 2015 where until late at night in the garden of Monk’s there is a mix of movies, music, DJ sets, books, bistro , cocktail bar, and the legendary tournament “slam” of Ping Pong.

Don’t you want to go to sleep? Coyote in Testaccio, the district of Rome that never sleeps, is the place for you, open from Tuesday to Sunday from 23pm to 5 am.
The location is beautiful, with a great view of Rome by Night and is frequented by girls and boys from all over the world ..the fun is really sure!

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Map and addresses

Caffè Portofino
Via Cola di Rienzo, 116, Roma
Sito Web: http://www.caffeportofino.it/
Pagina Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/caffeportofinoroma

Singita Miracle Beach
Via Silvi Marina
Villaggio dei pescatori
Sito Web: http://singita.it/
Pagina Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/singitabeach

Pinar Club
Via Aurelia Km 37.300
Pagina Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinarclub.ladispoli

Openbar by Altamarea
Lungomare Lutazio Catulo 6b
Sito Web: http://www.altamarea-ostia.com/
Pagina Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OpenBarOstiaRoma

Monk Club
Via Giuseppe Mirri 35
Sito Web: http://www.monkroma.club/
Pagina Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/monkclubroma

Coyote Bar
Via di Monte Testaccio 48/b
Testaccio – Roma
Pagina Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coyotediscoroma

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