The country festivals of early autumn near Rome

The country festivals of early autumn near Rome

Autumn has just arrived with new colors and flavors typical of this period, such as grapes, chestnuts, polenta, truffles.
So what better way to discover them during the next weekends visiting villages, towns and picturesque villages of Lazio near Rome.

October starts with the Grape Festival to be held on October 2 until to 5 in Marino (RM), which has a great tradition and takes place since 1925 and is one of the most famous Italian country festivals.
There are many events planned, from the parade in historical costumes with the revocation of the battle of Lepanto with the parade of floats and people dressed in costumes with drums and flag-wavers, until the tasting of fine wines and delicacies of Lazio.
But the most anticipated event is the miracle of the fountains, from which come gallons of wine of excellent quality, with the ability to taste it for free. An event not to be missed.

Another major event that has ancient origins, from the end of the fifteenth century, to be held in Soriano nel Cimino in the first and second weekend of October is the Chestnut Festival.
The festival is very rich because, beside the possibility to taste the roasted chestnuts in the square, the typical products made with chestnuts, such as cakes, jams and sauces, the calendar provides for the re-enactment of historical events that
he lived in the town Middle Ages and Renaissance. So the streets and squares, arranged according to old traditions, are home to the big parade with over 500 costumes in medieval and Renaissance, in addition to the parade of knights and
swordsmen and flag bearers.
In square at upcoming challenges of the Knights, the investitures, the performances of the warriors.
The most awaited event is the conquest of the Palio of Soriano – Papacqua, Rocca, Trinity and St. George – the Test of the Archers and the Knights in the tournament. Visitors are thousands and the country, at the foot of the Orsini Castle comes alive of events.
The Chestnut Festival Soriano offers the opportunity to enjoy the colors and flavors of autumn and of the beautiful territory of Tuscia, including re-enactments, tastings, events and delights.
Official website of the event:

On October 17, in Nazzano (RM) on the occasion of the feast and the procession of Saint Antimo, at lunch only, there is the festival of polenta which is regarded as a traditional dish that recalls the life and the culture of farming, and that is expertly prepared and served with a special technique in scifi wood that are a homage to keep as a souvenir. The menu also includes grilled meat and vegetable side dishes.

On October 31 and November 1 will be held the festival and the festival Chestnut, in Riofreddo (RM) where through a simple but particularly impressive, you can taste bruschetta, polenta served on scifetta wood (alternatively fettuccine with mushroom truffle), Arrosticini & Grilled Sausage (or alternatively Sausage & Beans), Fried pizzas, roast chestnuts, Bread & Drinks Included. It wiil be also an occasion to visit the beautiful country of Riofreddo and spend a day of carefree, taste and wholesome entertainment with shows and craft market.

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