Momix came back to Rome with Opus Cactus at  Teatro Olimpico.

Momix came back to Rome with Opus Cactus at Teatro Olimpico.

As part of the International Festival of Dance in Rome in 2016, the Momix, one of the companies of dancers-illusionists famous worldwide, will be on stage in Rome again from 9 to 21 February 2016 with the show Opus Cactus.
The company has acquired great fame for its ability to evoke a world of surrealistic images using costumes, play of light and shadows, body movements and comic allusions.
The show tells the imaginative desert in southwest of the United States in which the dancers transform theirself in lizards, scorpions and other reptiles crawling in colorful flora and fauna desert.

The lighting effects provide images of an hot-desert during the day, mysterious during the night, poetic sunrises and disturbing sunsets where giant cactus and threatening birds appear as totem.
The dancers-gymnasts continually defy the laws of gravity by flying, jumping, bouncing, hovering on high stakes, rolling around in a metal structure that seems at first decompose then linked back together, through the scene on tiny skateboards, in an initiation ritual with the fire.

The musical accompaniment, which the company traditionally reserves attention during the shows, ranging from Bach to Brian Eno, include tribal dances of the American Indians and other songs originating in desert regions of the earth.
Opus Cactus is really a breathtaking show, absolutely recommended and not to be missed!

Where: Teatro Olimpico, Rome
When: From 9 to 21 February 2016
Hours:  9:00 pm
Cost of tickets: Starting from 35 Euro per person. (Full)

Online Tickets : Online Tickets Teatro Olimpico

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