Leonardo da Vinci inventions in Rome until April 30th 2016!

Leonardo da Vinci inventions in Rome until April 30th 2016!

An exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci machines is in Rome until April 30th 2016 – The genius and his invention – celebrates Leonardo da Vinci’s genius by presenting about fifty full scale machines: bycicle, flying machines like the precursor to the parachute, a hydraulic saw, and many other inventions.
These full scale models can be touched and set them in motion, granting a deep interactive expreience.
The exhibition is grouped in 5 sections, based on four elements of nature (water, air, earth and fire), plus a mechanism section which includes all those basic machines, with different possibility of application.
“The Armoured Tank” is one of the most interesting projects in real dimensions: it weights two tons, and about six metres in diameter, and three metres high.

The Exhibition is inside the historical Palazzo della Cancelleria in Rome (Piazza della Cancelleria next to Piazza Campo de’ Fiori) and can be reached in few minutes from city center.
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Where: Palazzo della Cancelleria, Piazza della Cancelleria, Roma

When: Until April 30th, 2016, every day from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm

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