Rome Fringe Festival in Castel Sant’Angelo until July 5, 2015

Rome Fringe Festival in Castel Sant’Angelo until July 5, 2015

From May 30 to July 5, 2015 will be held in Rome in the splendid setting of the gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo one of the most expected summer events , the Rome Fringe Festival.

For the first time at the foot of one of the most representative monuments of Italy, come the independent theater, art and contemporary performances, as happens in major capitals and cities around the world.

International collaboration will make it possible to create an nterculturali space-show open to all ethnic groups in the world, where several distant cultures will meet bettwen them in sectors such as handicrafts and spices, along with the products of the best Italian tradition and conferences on high technological innovation.
In addition, every night for over a month, 9 companies will stage their shows on three different time slots giving the opportunity to the public to be able to spend the evening.

Besides the performances, the festival will present art exhibitions, a market day and night areas , wine and food tasting, workshops and activities for children.

The Festival will be open every day from 9 am to 2 am, admission is free, while the ticket price of € 5 is due to the theater companies for their shows and will be paid directly to them.

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