The weapons and armor of the Gladiators on display until March 30

The weapons and armor of the Gladiators on display until March 30

At the Stadium of Domitian, the archaeological area situated under Piazza Navona, until 30 March is possible to visit the interesting and unique historical exhibition “Gladiatores Agony and Sports – Arms and Armor of the Roman Empire.”

The exhibition is an exciting unique journey between Gladiators and in particular between the armor and the weapons they used as armor, helmets, swords, shields, shin guards, belts, cingula and protective sleeves, in over 300 specimens.
The exhibition is divided into six sections that trace the birth and evolution of the figure of the Gladiator.
The first section is dedicated to the origins of the gladiators, the second to weapons and armor of the Republican period, the third at the beginning of the Roman Empire, the fourth at the armor of Roman officials, the fifth at the ceremonial armor and helmets and the sixth to the games and shows of the gladiators at Stadio Diomiziano.
The exhibition allows you to discover, in addition, the various classes of gladiators like Thraeces, the Hoplomach or Equites, each of them characterized by specific and different armor or weapons used.
And to give visitors an idea of ??how the clashes took place between gladiators, in large windows are represented the “pairs” of combat, those who, according to strict rules, they faced each other in the arena: Thraex against Murmillo , Murmillo against hoplomachus, Provocator against Provocator.

Where: Stadium Domitian, Via di Tor Sanguigna 3- Rome

When: From Monday to Sunday from 10.00am to 7.00pm
Saturday from 10.00am to 8.00pm
Full ticket € 8.00
Reduced ticket € 6.00

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